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Triglie alla Livornese Recipe

Along with the cacciucco fish stew, mullet in red tomato sauce is the emblematic dish of Livorno. You can cook it in the oven or on the stove in a pan with a good lid. If you cook it in a pan, don’t turn the mullet so as to avoid breaking them. 

  1. Mullets for about a  Kilo in weight (2.5 pounds)
  2. 2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped
  3. a small handful of chopped parsley
  4. 4 tbs Extra virgin Olive Oil
  5. 400 g (14 oz) of peeled tomatoes (tin) with their juice
  6. salt and pepper 
  1. Sautè the garlic and parsley in the pan where you previously added extra virgin olive oil. Next add the chopped tomatoes. After 20 minutes your sauce will be ready at this point you can add your washed and dried (you can use a paper towel) mullets and add salt and pepper.
  2. Cook over low heat for another 15 minutes if the mullets are medium sized.
  3. In the last few minutes cover with the minced parsley and serve.
  4. Fish and meats, spices, fruits, vegetables and other local products find space next to numerous Jewish products which are testimony to Livorno's large Jewish population.
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