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Valdera for Bikers

From Volterra to Massa Marittima along the Sarzanese Valdera

First stop
Lajatico and the theater of silence
Start your motors in La Sterza, which is a straight road despite the name. Enjoy the road around Lajatico, where Andrea Bocelli was born. The best place to stop and relax is the Theater of Silence, with its rich selection of events.
Second stop
From Montecatini to Pomarance
- Credit: LigaDue
Turn left at the intersection for Volterra or right to head towards picturesque Orciatico. The first view of Volterra is stunning, with the distant hills in the horizon. Curves are imminent, and you can take a break in Montecatini Val di Cecina to visit the museo delle Miniere, Palazzo Pretorio and Chiesa di San Biagio.

Again, a fabulous view of Volterra, which is now nearer. The Saline di Volterra, is the intersection with SR68 - it's 10 km down and 10km back. Otherwise, have a look at Palazzo dell'Orologio and get back on the road. The road gets exciting again around Pomarance and there are many things to see: Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista, the home of Paolo Mascagni, the clock tower, Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo de Larderel e Sillana fort. Try and visit this in September when there is the historical event, the palio.
Third Stop
Larderello and the Geomuseum
Geothermal activity in Larderello
Geothermal activity in Larderello - Credit: Musei Val di Cecina

The SS/SR439 prepares riders for a glimpse of the Valle dell'Inferno with its fumaroles and bubbling puddles in Larderello. All your questions about geo-thermics can be answered at the Geomuseo. Just ask.

Take a picture with the geo-thermic towers nearby on your way to Castelnuovo Val di Cecina. This town even smells like the medieval ages: three stone houses, small arches and stone roads. There is even "chiassino," the narrowest street in the world (at only 50cm wide). A mountain landscape now covers the area and allows the driver to concentrate and enjoy the road.

Fourth stop
A Walking tour in Monterotondo
- Credit: Marco Lauro
The last turn off worth noting is for Monterotondo Marittimo and its Parco delle Biancane: another moonlike postcard, where geothermics is explained via a walking tour. The road goes back to its usual Tuscan style after km 149.
Fifth stop
Last stop...Massa Marittima
Cathedral of Saint Cerbonius and Piazza Garibaldi in Massa Marittima
Cathedral of Saint Cerbonius and Piazza Garibaldi in Massa Marittima - Credit: Serena Puosi

Last stop of the tour is Massa Marittima. Nestled on a high and isolated hill this town is enclosed and protected by the well-preserved city walls. Explore the central square and visit the Cathedral of San Cerbone which unusual position breaks traditional architectural perspectives to seem like an image straight out of a painting of Giorgio de Chirico.

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