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Contryside around Magliano in Toscana
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The aroma and essence of Morellino by bike

A wonderful itinerary along the Costa d’Argento

First leg
From Magliano to Scansano

From Magliano in Toscana, we take the S.P. 160 which leads to Scansano passing through the village of Pereta (8): the road climbs, constantly immersed in nature, with great views over the Maremmna hills. From the centre of Scansano (18), it proceeds uphill (towards Grosseto) then goes downhill after 1.5 km near the antennas and the sports field where you can ride along the S.P. 159.

Second leg
The vineyards of Morellino

Shortly after you leave the "Scansanese", which continues to Grosseto, turn left onto the S.P. 9 "Aione" in the direction of Talamone and Montiano. This secondary road passes from the oak woods of Scansano to the olive groves, vineyards and arable land of the Maremma, losing altitude on spectacular ridges up to the plains that precede the coast. After 7.4 km (30), turn left towards the “La Capitana” Farm. A 1.4km downhill, then short uphill between vineyards and onwards to that hilly profile immersed in the Morellino vineyards.

Third leg
Along the Aione road

After a clear descent, the secondary road joins the S.P.160, where you turn right to Magliano in Toscana (39). Possible variant: along the descent from Scansano, instead of leaving the S.P. 9 "Aione" after about 7 km, follow it up to the junction with the S.P. 16, then, at the T-junction, turn left towards Montiano. Beyond the town, the road winds along the S.P. 16 to Magliano in Toscana. (with the variant Km 48.5).

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