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A bicycle route among "white roads" and olive groves in Valdarno
by  Valdarno

Imagine a beautiful sunny day and the Valdarno hills. Grab your bicycle and start riding along trails in nature: you will find the peace and beauty you needed. The route we point out to you is called "The Via dell'Olio," a circular loop that includes the municipalities of Bucine and Laterina Pergine Valdarno and is named after one of the main crops of the area: the olive tree.

It is an evocative itinerary with many kilometers of "white roads," the classic Tuscan pavement, surrounded by countless olive groves, typical crops that give life to one of the culinary treasures of our territory: extra virgin olive oil.

Discovering Bucine

The Via dell'Olio can begin in Bucine, a town with ancient origins that is considered a "gateway to Chianti": an ideal starting point for exploring the various Valdarno villages and nearby cities of art.

Here you can visit the Romanesque Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista in Petrolo, a building that houses three exceptional glazed terracotta works by Giovanni Della Robbia between 1517 and 1521.

Riding between farms and homesteads, you can also taste the excellent wine and quality extra virgin olive oil produced in this rich territory.

The Galatrona Tower

The bike route continues to the famous Galatrona Tower, called the "Torrione"; in early medieval times it performed control functions. At 27 meters high, today it is an exceptional place for a 360-degree view of the entire Valdambra valley. From here, you can see wonderful villages, hills and cultivated land, in which vines and olive trees stand out.

The Cennina Castle

The next stop is at the Cennina Castle, a fortress erected in 1167 by the Ghibelline Brandaglia count Alberico d'Uguccione. The current medieval village is still enclosed by the remains of an imposing city wall, along which opens a turreted gateway to the fortification.

From the village of Cennina you can see one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Valdarno: from Pratomagno to the Arno and Ambra Valleys, from Civitella and the Valdichiana to the Casentino and the Verna.

Pergine Valdarno

The bike ride can end by visiting Pergine Valdarno, located almost at the center of the geographical triangle of the provinces of Arezzo, Siena and Florence. The rural vocation of this land, however, can be perceived even with a simple glance at the countryside, dotted with cottages, with the characteristic dovecotes, structures that were used to house bird breeding farms.


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