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Tour of medieval villages in the Bagnone valley

Mountain biking among the castles and forests of Lunigiana
by  Lunigiana

The starting point of the route is in the Selva di Filetto, opposite the oratory of San Genesio, in the municipality of Villafranca Lunigiana. From here we start riding our bikes in a southerly direction (trail signs evident) until we reach the church of San Francesco with its admirable cloister.

From the church we continue in the direction of the historic center of Villafranca Lunigiana, an important Malaspina town characterized by its historic bridge and by the remains of the Malnido castle. From the village we climb, on paved road, until we reach the locality known as “Piano di Virgoletta” and then the medieval village of Virgoletta, a splendid village crossed by the Via Francigena. Having passed the village and crossed the old sandstone wash houses, we continue to climb, still on a paved road, until we reach the provincial road, which we will drive along for a short stretch.

When we reach Vallescura, we continue on a low-traffic secondary road and then turn right through a paved dirt road that is part of the Ciclovia dei castelli. This highly scenic strecth leads toward Bagnone, one of the most beautiful villages in Lunigiana. The route crosses the ancient medieval bridge and the historic center, marked by the presence of the 17th-century porticoes.

Leaving the village, we turn left (trail signs evident) and, through a steep paved climb, we reach the village of Nezzana and then, through a steep dirt climb, the church of San Lorenzo in Gragnana. From there we descend, on an asphalt road to Malgrate and its characteristic Castle. From here a nice paved descent to reach first Piano di Mocrone locality where, and finally, between dirt and paved stretches, the Selva di Filetto.

The route is part of the Lunigiana Bike Area and is marked with the number 20. 


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