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By bike in the valley of the Sieve river

Across the Mugello from east to west, along the track of its main river
by  Mugello

It is the trail that permits to cross, in the two directions, the entire valley of the Sieve and thus the entire “lower” Mugello. The circumnavigation of the Bilancino artificial lake and the countryside between Vicchio and Dicomano, offers the most interesting scenic views of a route that is not short (about 66 kilometers), but easy. There are no significant climbs or slopes, only a small ramp before the Bilancino tunnels, so bike ratios for flat or valley section (39/21 or compact equivalents) are suitable. It is thus a route for all cyclists with basic training, and can be done in any season of the year.

Please note that there is rather heavy traffic on the entire stretch north of the Sieve, from Barberino to Dicomano.


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