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Water Mill in Arlia

Historical Buildings

With its three grindstones for chestnuts, grain and maize, the mill has been active since the 19th century

The historic water mill is located near Fivizzano, on the right bank of the Rosaro, not far from the small village of Arlia.

With its three grindstones (for chestnuts, grain and maize), storehouse and shelter for the mules used to transport heavy sacks up and down the steep trail, the mill was active from at least the 19th century, as the date engraved on one of the stones attests to, up until 1968, and served many of the surrounding communities.

The Lunigiana Mountain Community, or Comunità Montana della Lunigiana, restored the building in its entirety, which had been reduced to a ruin, and is once again functioning, though now with a hydraulic system. In the space used originally as a storeroom, there’s an exhibition with panels about mills in the Lunigiana.

The watermill in Arlia is open for demonstrations on the grinding of flours using water during events on the processing of chestnut flour (for information contact the Municipality of Fivizzano


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