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Villa San Martino


The summer residence of Napoleon on the Elba Island is today a museum

About four kilometers from Portoferraio is located Villa San Martino, summer residence of Napoleon. The emperor, in fact, lived in exile on Elba Island from May 4, 1814 to February 26, 1815: nine months that would leave an important mark on the island, which the emperor attempted to modernize.

Villa San Martino, which together with Palazzina dei Mulini in Portoferraio, is part of the National Museum of Napoleonic Residences, was bought in June 1814 to be turned into a summer residence. Left uninhabited due to Napoleon's departure from Elba, it was later purchased by Anatoly Demidoff, Bonaparte's heir by marriage. The prince had the imposing Neoclassical Gallery built, which was named after him.

Villa San Martino
Villa San Martino

Today, the Villa houses a collection of 19th-century prints and period furnishings throughout the frescoed rooms. The most beautiful is the so-called “Egyptian Room”, which celebrates Napoleon’s victory in Egypt. Inside the Villa, visitors can also find the statue of Galatea, the inspiration for which was Napoleon’s sister, Paolina.

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