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Villa Puccini Museum

Historical Buildings

The residence of the great musician and composer Giacomo Puccini in Torre del Lago

Villa Puccini in Torre del Lago is an interesting example of how the architecture and the concept of the "villa" itself was completely transformed in the period of Art Nouveau. 

This building has been for years the residence of Giacomo Puccini (the famous composer born in Lucca) who had chosen to live on the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli, a place he particularly loved for his beauty and tranquility. Today it is the seat of the Villa Puccini Museum, managed by the heirs of the Maestro and open to the public.

The two-storeys building was designed by Giuseppe Puccinelli, it has a rectangular shape, and its decorations are very simple and linear. On the façade, a bow-window overlooks the small oriental inspired garden.

The villa in Torre del Lago was made, in collaboration with Puccini himself, by De Servi, Galileo Chini, who made the fireplace, and Nomellini, who made the pictorial decorations on the walls. On the ground floor you can visit the chapel where the musician is buried, with two glass windows and two bas-reliefs.

Villa Puccini
Villa Puccini - Credit: Carmen Giannattasio
Museo Villa Puccini
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