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LIPU Oasis of Massaciuccoli

Naturalistic attractions

An enchanted place that can be explored as you walk on water

The LIPU Oasis of Lake Massaciuccoli is a protected area covering 47 hectares that was created to safeguard the rare species living in this lake-side environment: a true paradise for nature lovers, where they can go for walks along the stilt-raised walkways, built right on the surface of the water and which lead to small huts that perfectly blend into the environment. Here, visitors can listen to the sounds of the lake and watch the birds.

Indeed, this unspoilt corner of nature is ideal for bird-watching. Little bitterns, diving ducks, grebes, great cormorants, coots and herons are a few of the animals that can be found in the LIPU Oasis, not to mention birds of prey like the western marsh harrier. These birds can find refuge amidst the rich vegetation, water lilies and reeds, so dense that they practically form small islands.

Massaciuccoli Nature Park
Massaciuccoli Nature Park - Credit: C. D'Aliasi

At the Oasis, nature can be truly experienced thanks to guided visits of the Museum of Marsh Ecology and boat rides through the rushes and marshes. The Oasis also organizes excursions on board a canoe, kayak or rowboat, as well as a Didactic Workshop and summer camps for children and adults.

Oasi Lipu di Massaciuccoli
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