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Viareggio Promenade

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Between shopping, Art Nouveau style and sea air

Viale Giosué Carducci is the name of the street more commonly known as “La Passeggiata di Viareggio” (Viareggio Promenade). It is a pedestrian avenue that stretches for more than two kilometers, from the Burlamacca Canal to Via Marco Polo, and gathers numerous boutiques and stores of the most prestigious high fashion brands, both Italian and international.

The Promenade is a place that has always attracted Viareggio residents and tourists, who come here even from distant cities to spend their free time shopping or relaxing in the sun. Here one can enjoy not only a wonderful view of the sea, but also the architectural beauty of historic villas, bathing establishments, historic restaurants and cafes, which sport the elegant forms of the Art Nouveau style. Gran Caffè Margherita, Bagno Balena and Magazzini Duilio 48 are just some of the most significant examples of 1920s Viareggio architecture that can be seen on the avenue.

Magazzini Duilio 48
Magazzini Duilio 48 - Credit: Sailko

For those who enjoy biking, not to be forgotten is the Fausto Coppi bicycle path, which runs parallel to the seafront and allows us to stop every now and then to admire the view.

The Promenade is also the venue for the Parade of Floats in February during the famous Viareggio Carnival, which attracts a large number of people from all over the world every year.

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