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Ugolino Golf Club
Photo © Circolo del Golf Ugolino
Photo © Circolo del Golf Ugolino

Ugolino Golf Club


A club that made the history of Italian golf

The Ugolino Golf Club is located on the via Chiantigiana, between Bagno a Ripoli and Impruneta, and was founded in 1933 on the project by British architects Blandford and Gannon, who created a beautiful 18-hole course perfectly integrated with the surrounding rolling hills.

The Ugolino is an essential part of the history of Italian golf: countless competitions and many national championships have been held on its course, and there are many players of national and international stature who have competed there.

The course is not long, but very technical, and those who play on it quickly realize that the natural features of the place - the forest, the olive trees, the fruit trees and the sloping fairways - make it very pleasant but, at the same time, also challenging.

Playing at Ugolino is an unforgettable experience that immerses the player in a hilly landscape of rare sweetness, exciting and engaging.

The writer Chris Santella listed it in his book among the “Fifty places to play golf before you die”.

18 holes - Par 72
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  • Golf academy
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Course Rating
Ugolino Golf Course
Ugolino Golf Course

The first three holes are all par 4, but dangers lurk to punish inaccuracy. For holes 4 and 5 you really have to hit the ball to get to the green quickly; hole 6, the first with a par of 5, demands a combination of length and precision in order to avoid the trees on either side. At hole 9, also par 5, the dangers are on both sides of the fairway and a difficult, raised, shallow green lies in wait.

The second nine holes start with a par 3 and a beautiful panoramic view. Holes 11 and 12 are reasonably long with difficult shots on the green and a lot of off-limit areas. On the other side of via Chiantigiana the design of the course changes, becoming more level and with shorter distances between holes. Hole 15 is one of the most treacherous of all, on account of a difficult green with a sharp slope down to the right. The last two holes are highly delicate, but for different reasons: at 17, the oak tree in the middle of the fairway asks you to make a tactical choice as to the best line, while 18 has a dogleg to the right and the second shot played uphill can betray you.

Golf Ugolino
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