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The Woodland Museum in Sovicille
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The Woodland Museum in Orgia

An exhibition of professional and domestic tools and instruments

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Località Borgolozzi, 10
The Woodland Museum in Sovicille (Museo del Bosco) is housed in an early twentieth century barn. Visitors can learn about the fundamental role that the woodland has played in the area’s economic life over the centuries and about the sharecroppers who used to live and work here. The museum was originally meant to be housed in Palazzo al Piano, until it became clear that this space would not be available. The museum, which includes an educational workshop, was subsequently opened in a different location in 1993.

The Woodland Museum is incorporated into a network of rural footpaths which criss-cross the Merse Valley. These footpaths provide an excellent way for visitors to get to know the area and to learn about ancient woodland trades.The collection on display in the museum was gathered at the end of the 1970s and was donated by two private citizens, Mrs Borroso and Mrs Cesarini Sforza. The collection was opened to the public after the owners applied to the Provincial Centre of the Documentation of Rural Work.

The Museum studies, protects and provides information about the woods, paying special attention to spreading an awareness to nature and environmental education.

Starting with relics of the life and work of the woodsman, the museum focuses on the close relationship between humans and forests, through studying various past trades, such as charcoal burners and woodcutters, as well as productive activities like the chestnut lifecycle.
The museum also strives to convey the atmosphere and emotions conjured by the wood through accounts and literature.

The Forest Museum has developed a network of well-equipped trails, which branch into the hills of the Upper Merse Valley and offers visitors a long route in the footsteps of the traditional farming community and the old professions linked to the forestry environment.

Disabled access: Yes

Contact (ITA): comune.sovicille.si.it
Amidst the Sienese hills sits a cluster of villages, parish churches and castles where time seems to stand still
The territory of Sovicille, crossed by a hill chain that culminates in the Montagnola, is largely covered by forests and has conserved its native beauty. To the south, where the Merse River flows, a nature reserve protects the rich and varied land and water fauna. ...