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Lastra a Signa

The Vicarial Museum of San Martino a Gargalandi in Lastra a Signa

Visitors delight in works by Lorenzo Monaco and Jacopo del Sellaio

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Lastra a Signa

The Church of S. Martino a Gangalandi is a Romanic church, yet it is currently characterized by reconstruction which occurred in the fifteenth century when Leon Battista Alberti created its apse.This vicarial collection includes works of art from suppressed churches or those which are only opened occasionally. These structures were deemed unsuitable for hosting said works due to precarious conditions. The collection is currently exhibited in the new ex-sacristy and in another hall adjacent to the church.

Several pieces are also on display in the church itself which contains highly notable works of art. Thus, the museum includes nearly 70 works (paintings on canvas and panel and goldsmith works). Visitors won’t want to miss Lorenzo Monaco’s sixteenth century ‘Virgin of Humility’, originally exhibited in the Church of San Romolo a Settimo. The church also hosts a noteworthy triptych produced by Lorenzo di Bicci and Bicci di Lorenzo (early XV century) as well as a ‘Virgin and Child’ by Jacopo del Sellaio (mid XV century).

Opening hours: reservations required.
Admission: free
Handicap access: no
Contact information:
Via Leon Battista Alberti 37 – LASTRA A SIGNA (FLORENCE)
tel. 055/8720008


Lastra a signa
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The area of Lastra a Signa has been inhabited since the Etruscans made it their home. In the grounds of Villa di Bellosguardo there are the ruins of an Etruscan house that are open to the public. Many small towns grew up in the region when the Romans settled here, such as Malmantile and Bracciatica which are both on the ancient Roman road that connected Pisa and Florence. ...