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La Torre e l'arco di Castruccio Castracani
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The Tower and the Arch of Castruccio Castracani

A medieval town of which little remains

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Montopoli in Val d'Arno

Of the medieval town walls only the imposing arch is conserved, said to be by Castruccio, at the feet of the stronghold, built in stone ashlars in the lower part and in bricks on the higher part: all of the doors of the stronghold were equipped with ante-gates and were controlled by watch towers. Little today can be recognised of the building typology of the medieval house-towers, considerably transformed in the following period, with the exception of the Tower, said to be by Castruccio, dating back to the XIII century, while the structure of the church stands out, built inside the castle walls.

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Montopoli in Val d'Arno
A medieval castle between Florence and Pisa
For Boccaccio, Montopoli, with its imposing strongholds, was worthy of being called an “illustrious castle”. Long fought over between Pisa and Florence, it didn’t see peace even during this historic Battle of San Romano in 1432, depicted by Paolo Uccello in three paintings that are today housed in the Uffizi, Louvre and National Gallery in London. ...
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