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Palazzo Guicciardini Museum in Montopoli Val d'Arno


Treasures from the territory are on display, from archeological artefacts to artistic ceramics

The Palazzo Guicciardini Museum is located in Montopoli Val d’Arno and documents the history and culture of the territory.

The archeological section includes the Baldovinetti-Mainoni and Falchi collections, with Etruscan and Roman artefacts coming from throughout Tuscany, especially the area around Populonia and Vetulonia. Another section conserves architectural elements from the Montopoli Castle, destroyed during World War II, together with a series of coats of arms, fragments of tombstones, frescoes and sacred objects coming from prestigious buildings in the town.

An annexed room belonging to the museum is dedicated to Dante Milani’s artistic ceramic production in Montopoli, which involved Milani building, in 1923, the first of his ceramic furnaces, establishing this world-famous product.

There is also a room dedicated to paleontology, which displays some fossils and panels that speak of the discovery of whale bones in the territory, while the art gallery holds works by local painters (Bicchi and Menotti-Pertici) from the late 19th and 20th centuries.