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Fiori in Maremmarid

The Santa Caterina Ethnographic Museum

A photographic archive documenting the different phases of the Focarazza Festival in Roccalbegna

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The Santa Caterina Ethnographic collection is housed in the town’s old Fabbro Ferraio forge. The museum documents the local work, traditions, and rituals surrounding fire (‘focarazza’) festival and the woodland of Mount Amiata. The exhibition is split into two sections: the first section is home to a collection of work and household tools used in the lifecycle of fire. The second section focuses on the ‘stollo’, or wooden pole, which symbolises the Focarazza Festival.

This ancient festival is part of a tradition dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alessandria and is held every 24th November. It is the most important date on the local calendar. The various atmospheric stages of the festival are illustrated in a detailed photographic exhibition, alongside local works of art and books. The museum is also home to an interesting collection of children’s toys.

Opening hours
January – March: by appointment only
April – December: Saturday 5:30pm-7:30pm and Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm / 5:30pm-7:30pm
July – August: open every day

Entry fee


Disabled access
In part

Contact information
via Roma 15
loc. Santa Caterina
Roccalbagna (Grosseto)
Telephone 0564969602 Sistema Museale Amiata (The Mount Amiata Museum Group)
0564989032 Roccalbegna Town Hall
E-mail: sistemamusealeamiata@cm-amiata.gr.it

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