L'antico mulino di Arlia

The Old Mill at Arlia

Brought back to work once more

The Old Mill is located in the Fivizzano territory, on the right bank of the Rosaro river, not far from the old city of Arlia.
With its three millstones (for chestnuts, wheat and corn), the store and the stable for mules, it was active from the XIX century, as we can tell from the date on a stone, to 1968.
The Comunità Montana della Lunigiana restored the structure and started the mill working again. In the building, used as a store, it is now possible to see an exhibition of the mills of Lunigiana.
Today the Old Mill is a tourist-educational structure, managed by Legambiente and Cooperativa l'Ospitale, which can be visited and allows the tourist to assist in the water-driven production of meal.

Source: www.aptmassacarrara.it
The largest village in the Lunigiana area
It can be reached by taking the SS63 road, which goes from Aulla to the Cisa Pass and then towards Reggio Emilia. The first written evidence of the town is in a document that refers to the Castle of Verrucola - given by the emperor Henry V to Ugo d’Este in 1077. Originally called ‘Forum Verrucolae’, the town began as a market place ruled by feudal lords. ...