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Museum of Sacred Art in Campiglia Marittima


Paintings, sculptures and liturgical furnishings are on display underneath the Church of San Lorenzo

The Museum of Sacred Art in Campiglia Marittima is located in the rooms underneath the Church of San Lorenzo and conserves liturgical furnishing from the Propositura in Campiglia: silverware, chalices, monstrances, pyxides, reliquaries, vestments, statues, paintings and memorial stones dating to between the 16th and 19th centuries

Works in the museum include a bronze Christ attributed to Antonio Susini from the end of the 1500s, an ophitic column from the 1700s, a 14th-century bell and a 1652 Ecce Homo by the Florentine painter Alessandro Frigoni. There is also a large collection of reliquaries, among which there is a small temple that houses the relic known as the "Milk of the Madonna", dating back to the end of the 16th century.