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castello Montignoso
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The Montignoso Castle

Once a primitive Byzantine fortress, castle still dominates landscape

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The Aghinolfi Castle is one of the most characteristic features of Montignoso’s territory, which was formerly populated by people from the Liguri Apuani area. This castle is one of the oldest in Italy. It was designed to defend the area and the castle itself was never conquered. The Aghinolfi Castle dominates its surrounding landscape which Pisa, Lucca and Genova disputed for centuries. This structure was probably constructed on the foundations of an early Byzantine fortress. Today, it remains an important point of reference for the area. It has become the subject of ample study regarding various areas. The castles unique octagonal shape make it very different from other fortresses in the Lunigiana area.
From Mountains to the sea, a charming territory loaded with history
The territory around Montignoso, in the Riviera Apuana, is enclosed by the mountains and the sea. From the Versilia coast to the peaks of Pasquilio, its hamlets each boast their own unique characteristics. Cinquale is lapped by the waves, the perfect place for a relaxing holiday at the hot springs or on the beach, which are always evocative in this area, the mountains framing the background. ...