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"Jacopo da Fivizzano" Museum of Printing

In a village among the Lunigiana mountains, they began printing books in 1470

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SP17, 14, 54013 Fivizzano MS, Italy

The "Jacopo da Fivizzano" Museum of Printing is located in Fivizzano, in the Lunigiana, in the 17th-century Palazzo Fantoni-Bononi, and was founded by Loris Jacopo Bononi and Eugenio Bononi to commemorate the bond between the Lunigiana and printing. The gallery is divided into three sections, of which two are dedicated to the contribution Fivizzano has offered to the history of written communication, through typographic and mechanic writing.

In this small town in the Lunigiana, they began printing books 11 years before Vienna, nine before London, seven before Oxford, Geneva and Barcelona and five before Brussels. Between 1470 and 1474, Jacopo da Fivizzano installed for the first time the typographic characters used to print texts by Giovenale, Virgilio, Cicerone, Sallustio and Cornazzano. Also in Fivizzano, in 1802, Agostino Fantoni invented the first writing machine and carbon paper was used for the first time in history. The third section delves into the history of the town of Parana, where the editor Maucci was born, who in 1892 established the publishing house of the same name in Barcelona, before expanding to Madrid, Mexico City, Havana, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Genoa and Milan. In the first half of the 20th century it became the most illustrious publishing house in the word, printing almost 25 thousand volumes a week.

Numerous early printed books are conserved in the 15th-century hall, among which stand out the first ever book printed by Jacopo da Fivizzano: Satires by Juvenal (circa 1470). The Typography Room hosts the reconstruction of a printing press where you can admire the machines for the various printing techniques. In the 19th-century hall, numerous prototypes of writing machines are exhibited: a collection illustrating the evolution of printing technology up until the present day. The 20th-century hall preserves books printed by the Maucci Publishing House.

Info: museimassacarrara.it

Known for its history, folklore and strong humanistic culture, Fivizzano is one of the most interesting towns in the Lunigiana. Thanks to its unique characteristics, it’s had many nicknames over the course of centuries: “Celebrated land,” “ the town with beautiful windows,” “beautiful corner of Florence” and “Athens of the Lunigiana”. ...