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cava di marmo Carrara

The International Plastics Centre (CAPIC) in Carrara

A selection of artworks that are on display in the Tuscan city of marble

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The CAPIC is located in the ex-convent of St. Francis, which has recently been restored. It was inaugurated on occasion of the 12th edition of the Bi-Annual International Sculpture exhibition and showcases a rich collection of modern and contemporary artworks. Some artworks in the collection were bought by the Municipality of Carrara during the various editions of the Bi-Annual exhibition (which began in 1957). Private collectors donated other works, while some were made expressly for the “Designing Marble” event and have now found a home in the museum. Among these are bas-reliefs by Giuliano Vangi, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Jannis Kounellis and Alberto Viani.

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Carrara has always been considered the city of marble, and for good reason. The identity of this centuries-old city—with strong ties to both the mountains and the nearby Ligurian Sea—has always had marble at its heart: the pristine stone has been extracted from area quarries since Roman times. When you hear or utter “Carrara,” marble and quarries are the immediate associations. ...