Historical sites

The Etruscan Necropolis at Casale Marittimo

Decorated tombs from the seventh and sixth centuries BC

Casale Marittimo
The Etruscan Necropolis at Casale Marittimo contains particularly interesting archeological finds that come from the Etruscan Necropolis of Casa Nocera. There are the highly decorated tombs of some rich and powerful members of the community from the seventh and sixth centuries BC. One of the most famous of these tombs was found by accident at Poggiarella in 1896. It dates back to the fifth century BC. This particular tomb is round with a diameter of 3.3m and is highly decorated with a ‘tholos’, a kind of false dome. In 1937 the remains of two ancient Roman villas were found near La Pieve e Il Poggio. These bear witness to the passage from Etruscan to Roman civilization. Local legend has it that there were once two castles in the area, Casale Vecchio and Casale Nuovo, although no archeological evidence of either has ever been uncovered.

Casale Marittimo
A medieval village immersed in green just a few kilometres from the sea
On the hill of Poggio al Bruno, south of the Cecina course, looking onto the coastal plains, surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and cereal fields can be found Casale Marittimo, a place known since the VIII for its ancient Church of St. Andrew. ...