Museo Civico di Castel del Piano

The Civic Museum in Castel del Piano

On display is the art collection of Palazzo Nerucci

Piazza Colonna, 1
The museum is located in Palazzo Nerucci. The collection, which was started by a private collector, is characterized by many paintings featuring landscape and panoramic scenes. Among the noteworthy works are an important self-portrait of the Venetian artist, Rosalba Carriera (1675 - 1757), and a portrait of Cosimo III de’ Medici on silk. In the same room, there is a sketch by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini, which was purchased in 2005 by the city administration. The collection belonged to Vegni family.
Castel del Piano
A striking village on the slopes of the Mount Amiata
Pope Pio II, in his Commentaries, underlined “the beauty of the place, the convenience of its position and the amenity of the town”, qualities appreciated by the numerous tourists that choose it for their holidays. The town is mentioned even in 890 as a possession of the Abbey, property of which it remained for more than three centuries. ...