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The Butterfly House in Collodi

The world’s most beautiful butterflies are found in Villa Garzoni’s garden in Collodi

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As one of Italy’s first butterfly habitats, inaugurated last March 31, 2007 by the Fondazione Carlo Collodi, visitors to Villa Garzoni can admire the exotic botanical gardens where the world’s most beautiful tropical butterflies from South America, Africa and Australia live, feed and breed daily.
Visitors to Villa Garzoni will have access to the butterfly habitat and will be able to take part in guided tours revealing the wonderful world of tropical and non-tropical butterflies and insects. The Monumental Park is a celebration of the fable, where in this vast 1-acre territory various artists have reconstructed chapters of the ‘Avventure di Pinocchio’. The monument called ‘Pinocchio e la Fata’ (Pinocchio and the Fairy) by Emilio Greco is the first stop in this fantastic journey, which then leads visitors to the Piazzetta dei Mosaici created by Venturino Venturi. From there, the path continues to the ‘Paese dei Balocchi’ where visitors will find bronze and steel sculptures by Pietro Consagra, alongside the architectural works of Marco Zanuso. Along the path visitors will encounter various characters from the ‘Adventures of Pinocchio’ fable, such as the Policeman, the talking Cricket, the Cat and the Wolf and many others. This unique experience is sure to delight both adults and children alike.
This botanical “jewel” from ancient Tuscany is a protected area located in the Val di Nievole, between the towns of Altopascio and Chiesina Uzzanese. The wet environment is of great natural importance as it contains numerous rare and uncontaminated species of plants and flowers, which are characteristic of Italy and other parts of Southern Europe.

Source: Intoscana.it


Like all medieval towns strategically located in the hills, Collodi bears a troubled past. Its history remembers the plights of the Garzoni family, equivalent to the Uberti family in Florence. The Garzoni (a Ghibelline family) were opponents to Guelf-run Florence, so after the Florentines consolidated their power in Valdinievole (in 1339), they were forced to flee to Lucca, where they were ...