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The Bicocchi Museum in Pomarance

A wonderful house that showcases 19th-century furniture

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Casa Bicocchi takes visitors on a journey through the life of the upper bourgeoisie of the 19th century. The house is richly decorated with priceless furnishings, and wall and ceiling decorations. Every room contains period furniture, as well as the original objects that belonged to the Bicocchi family, who were wealthy magistrates that lived in the municipality of Pomarance.

The house is composed of: a kitchen, a cloakroom, a dining room, a library, a girl’s room, a red room, a pink room, a green room, a chapel and a small music room. In particular, the red room (shown in the photo) demonstrates the magnificence and beauty of the noble home.

Price: Free entrance.

Disabled access: Partial, only on the ground floor.

Contact (ITA)comunepomarance.it

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