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Archaeological Documentation Centre in Sant’Agata

An exhibition in Scarperia of the archaeological discoveries found in the area

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The Archaeological Documentation Centre in Sant’Agata is found in Sparperia, inside an old wine cellar in a rustic space annexed in the rectory of the Parish Church of Sant’Agata. 

The museum tells the story of the Mugello from the prehistoric era to the medieval period, exhibiting flint tools, Bronze Age, Etruscan, Roman, medieval and Renaissance pottery, coins and other medieval ruins. In the first room, dedicated to the prehistoric period, there are discoveries from the Lower Palaeolithic age (300,000 years ago) to the Iron Age (1000 BCE), with teaching and iconographic equipment, including the reconstruction of tools which can be tried out. In the second room, there are Etruscan, Roman, medieval and Renaissance ruins.

In an adjacent plot of land, visitors can walk around a reconstruction of a prehistoric village with dimensions to scale, including fully-furnished huts.

Info: museisantagata.it

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