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Terme Antica Querciolaia in Rapolano

Immersive relaxation in the Crete Senesi

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Rapolano Terme
Cold, temperate and hot springs
Outdoor pool at the Terme Antica Querciolaia
Outdoor pool at the Terme Antica Querciolaia
Cures and tratments
Antica Querciolaia Spa in Rapolano
Antica Querciolaia Spa in Rapolano - Credit: termeaq.it

Apart from relaxation and wellness options, the Terme Antica Querciola spas are an avant-garde center for medical prevention and therapy, through specific therapeutic treatments recognized by the Sistema Sanitario Nazionale (National Health Service).

The thermal water, gathered in designated tubs, allows for mud maturation, transferring minerals that are essential for human health to the clay.

Additionally, through the use of aerosol, this water (whether mixed with air or steam) can be a great asset in treating and preventing various otorhinolaryngology and respiratory issues faced by both adults and children.

The highly specialized staff can provide services in numerous disciplines: angiology, aesthetic medicine, general surgery, thermal medicine, rheumatology, otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics and traumatology, physiatry and rehabilitation and dermatology.

Treatment for Garibaldi
The Garibaldi basin
The Garibaldi basin

Inside the spa complex of the Antica Querciolaia is a travertine basin where, in August of 1867, Giuseppe Garibaldi cured injuries sustained during the historic battle of Aspromonte. The hero of the two worlds wrote in a letter: “The baths of Rapolano got rid of a persistent discomfort in my left foot, and the effect was immediate; this gives me a high opinion of these waters—I think I will continue using them for a few days".

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Rapolano Terme
Rapolano, a seemingly rugged land with its towns dotted throughout the rough, clayey Crete Senesi, hides a warm heart made of thermal waters full of therapeutic properties that bubble up to the surface. The springs have been used since the Roman era, especially the Antica Querciolaia and the San Giovanni Terme Rapolano, peaceful places immersed in unparalleled landscapes. ...
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