Terme di Sant'Elena
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Sant’Elena is a source of wellbeing

Enjoying the benefits of the Valdichiana

Sorgente Sant'Elena

Chianciano Terme’s Sant’Elena Spring is situated 550 meters above sea-level in an enchanting hillside landscape filled with century-old oak trees, cypress and silvery olive groves.

The water’s source lies just a short distance from the Chapel of Sant’Elena, from which the spring gets its name. This green oasis can be found within a lovely park where guests have the chance to enjoy breath-taking panoramic views of the Chiusi, Montepulciano and Trasimeno Lakes as well as a glimpse of Monte Amiata.

Sant’Elena’s famed carbonated mineral water is exceptionally pure and it contains a well-balanced quantity of mineral salts and rare, bicarbonate-rich gases. It springs from the ground at a temperature of 13 degrees and its PH is similar to that of blood.

Clinically proven and scientifically tested, water taken from Sant’Elena Spring is particularly recommended to cure illnesses effecting the kidneys and urinary tract, in addition to gastro-intestinal problems. It can be sipped at its natural temperature or drank warm in the morning before breakfast while strolling through the park. Depending on the dosage recommended by your physician, it is also highly suitable in the afternoon because its properties facilitate digestion. 

Terme di Sant'Elena
Sant'Elena Thermal Baths

The treatment offered at these thermal springs is covered by the National Health Service for stones in the urinary tract and for dyspeptic disturbances of the gastroenteric and bile system. Its season runs from April to October.

Sant’Elena’s water is bottled in a modern facility near the source and it maintains all of its properties while being suitable for drinking with meals.

The nearby town offers many optimal solutions when it comes to accommodations, for those who wish to enjoy the landscape of the Val D’Orcia as well as its cultural treasures and culinary delights.

Chianciano Terme
Wellness, nature and culture
The area in which the Chianciano thermal spa has been developed is surrounded by wooded hills, which are free from serious pollution problems and as such undoubtedly provide the best safeguard for the ecological and hydrological system of the area, which is rich in water with highly curative properties. ...