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San Vivaldo
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Places of worship

Jerusalem in San Vivaldo

The Sacro Monte in Montaione depicts episodes from the life of Christ

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The Sacro Monte, also known as Little Jerusalem, in San Vivaldo is located inside the Franciscan complex of San Vivaldo in Montaione, in the woods were the blessed Vivaldo Stricchi lived his life as a hermit in the 14th century.

A small church was built in 1320, on the site of a chestnut tree, inside the trunk of which Vivaldo’s body was found, which was later enlarged and passed to the Franciscans in 1497, who built a monastery.

Next to the building, the Sacro Monte conceived of by Father Thomas from Florence was built between 1500 and 1515, comprising 34 chapels, only 18 of which remain today. Inside, you can see splendid statue groups and polychrome terracotta reliefs depicting episodes from the life of Christ.

The Sacro Monte is also known as Jerusalem because it reproduces, on a small scale, places in the Holy City.

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A centuries-old town perfect for nature-loving tourists, home to “Tuscany’s Jerusalem” in its countryside
Montaione took its name after the Allone di Lucca, and was documented in the Middle Ages as Mons Allonis. In the 1200s Montaione became known for glass working, which spread throughout the Valdelsa. In 1257 the town was struck by the wars between San Gimignano, Volterra and San Miniato, but mostly gravitated around Florence. ...