San Vivaldo’s Jerusalem

Montaione: a destination for pilgrims

This complex was founded at the beginning of the XVI century and it is made up of 18 tiny chapels, which host scenes representing the Life and Passion of Christ in poly-chrome terracotta. Together, these scenes reproduce the city of Jerusalem’s topography. Since its foundation, this complex became a meta for pilgrimages and was considered substitutive to those in the Holy Land, where followers could earn themselves indulgence under Pope Leone X. In the convent’s ex-hayloft, visitors can enjoy a permanent exhibition regarding the history of the area and appreciate images linked to the holy mountain of San Vivaldo.

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Close to the Sacred Mount which is also known as Tuscany’s Jerusalem
Montaione is in the province of Florence but is easily reached from all the main Tuscan cities. It is at an altitude of 342m and has a population of 3400 inhabitants. HIGHTLIGHTS Visitors to Montaione can enjoy the San Biagio Oratory and the eighteenth century San Regolo Church. Not far from Montaione is the Sacro Monte (the Sacred Mount) which is also known as Tuscany’s Jerusalem. ...