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Pinewoods of Viareggio

Naturalistic attractions

Two green areas perfect for playing sports or relaxing in nature

There are no less than two pinewoods in Viareggio, green lungs of the city that make it possible to take a walk in nature, practice sports or let children play. They are loved gathering places for Viareggio residents, both for pleasant walks and to combat the summer heat.

The two pinewoods are named Pineta di Ponente (west pinewood) and di Levante (east pinewood), precisely because of their location within the city.


Pineta di Ponente

The Pineta di Ponente
The Pineta di Ponente - Credit: Gerry Labrijn

The smaller one is the Pineta di Ponente, an urban park popular because of its very central location, just a short walk from the famous Passeggiata (promenade). It is home to kiosks, ice cream parlors and restaurants, as well as bike rentals that allow us to ride in the cooler weather. Perfect for entertaining children, the Pineta di Ponente offers numerous attractions, including the swan pond, tennis courts and miniature golf courses.

Pineta di Levante

Decidedly wilder, on the other hand, is the Pineta di Levante, an area of about 6 kilometers that includes the Viale dei Tigli and leads from Viareggio to Torre del Lago Puccini. Dotted with numerous kiosks and restaurants that fill up during summer evenings, the avenue also boasts the presence of the splendid Villa Borbone.

The Pineta di Levante is particularly suitable for those who like to walk trails in total relaxation, enjoying the beauty of this naturalistic oasis, and is great for sports. Or, you can cross the entire park by bicycle until you reach Torre del Lago.