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Radda in Chianti
Photo © Pagina Facebook Comune Radda in Chianti
Photo © Pagina Facebook Comune Radda in Chianti

Piazza Ferrucci

Districts, streets and squares

A combination of institutional and historical life dedicated to an illustrious podestà

Piazza Ferrucci is the main square in the village of Radda in Chianti that you can reach by walking along the cobbled streets that, from the new part of the village, take you to the heart of the historic center.
Dominated by what remains of the original castle, the square houses the Palazzo del Podestà - the historic seat of the municipality - and owes its name to one of Radda's most famous podestas, Francesco Ferrucci.
On the facade of the Town Hall you can admire the coats of arms of all the podestas who succeeded one another over the centuries, during the period when Radda was the capital of the Lega del Chianti.
On the opposite side of the square - set higher than the level of the main street - stands the church named after San Niccolò.
The monumental facade was built in 1926 by Carlo Coppedè, who also designed the current configuration of the square and the semicircular fountain.
On either side of the square are the characteristic narrow streets leading to historic workshops, inns and wine shops.

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