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Oratory of St. Sebastiano

Places of worship

A small church at the gates of Montopoli

The Oratory of St. Sebastiano (St. Sebastian) is located near the center of Montopoli in Val d'Arno.
It was built initially as an oratory and then became a church starting in 1506, on the very site where an image of the Madonna was located.
The loggia surrounding the building was built in 1603, but was completely renovated in 1666, at the same time as the church altars were built.
Currently the building is also used as a chapel for the War Dead, contains numerous burial slabs and is also used for cultural events.
The dedication to St. Sebastiano dates back to the time when the plague was raging, St. Sebastiano being the protector of this area against contagion.
Precisely during the time of the pandemic, especially the one in 1630 that counted a large number of victims, a cemetery was built behind the building.