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Maritime Museum


A fascinating journey to discover life and work related to the sea

The “Alberto Gianni” Maritime Museum is the perfect place to learn about the origins of Viareggio: in fact, the city boasts a long tradition and a glorious past related to maritime activities. The purpose of the museum is to enhance these aspects by telling the story of seafaring through exhibits and objects displayed in thematic sections.

The exhibition takes place in the halls of the former Fish Market, dedicated to Viareggio shipyards and history in the naval field, ship equipment, seafarers and shipwrights and caulkers, as well as the Italian navy, deep-sea diving and underwater work.

Of note is the section devoted to artifacts from the ship Artiglio 1, found by French divers from inside the wreck that sank in 1930 when a dangerous cargo it was salvaging exploded. In this tragic accident most of the crew died, including diver and inventor from Viareggio Alberto Gianni (after whom the museum is named), known for inventing the hyperbaric chamber. Of the wreck, the rudder and propeller are on display today.

Many items and tools were donated by Viareggio associations, such as that of “I Palombari dell’Artiglio”.

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