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Glass production in Gambassi Terme

Exploring age-old traditions dating back to XII-XIV centuries

Gambassi Terme

This exhibition features the results of historical and archeological research regarding the production of glass in Valdelsa. This activity, documented as early as the XIII century, is no longer practiced in the area today. Yet, for centuries, it was a fundamental element that characterized the entire territory, which became renowned locally.
Part of a municipal project that aims to spread information regarding research on pre-industrial glass in the territory, this exhibition includes itineraries that spotlight places where glass was produced, in addition to a visit to the Archeological Park of Germagnana, which hosts a model of a fourteenth century glass factory. Visitors will also enjoy viewing the Documentation Center for Technology and the Production of Pre-industrial Glass. Exhibited objects are the result of various archeological digs which have taken place over the past 20 years. They are accompanied by didactic panels which illustrate the latest historical research regarding glass production in Valdelsa.

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Gambassi Terme
Situated near to several old Etruscan and Roman highways
Archaeological evidence indicates that Gambassi Terme has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age. However, the first most noteworthy human settlements here were around the seventh century BC when the Etruscans lived in the area. Documented evidence shows that there was a castle here in the Middle Ages, as far back as 1037. ...