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Giorgio Kienerk Museum


The works were donated to the municipality of Fauglia by the painter’s daugher, Vittoria

The Giorgio Kienerk Museum is housed in the 19th-century ex-courthouse in Fauglia, inside what were once the prison cells. It was founded to conserve and ensure public access to the collection of works made by the post-Macchiaioli painter Kienerk, which his daughter Vittoria donated to the local community.

The artist, born in Florence in 1869, spent a lot of time in Fauglia, where he owned a country house, the villa on via Poggio alla Farnia, and where he died in 1948. 

Kienerk immortalized the hills around the village in several works that can be seen in the museum dedicated to him. On display here are oil paintings, bas-reliefs, sculptures, engravings and lithographs: works that cover his entire artistic career, from his youthful production to his maturity. The heterogeneity of the works testifies to the artist's many interests, which ranged from sculpture, to painting, graphic design and illustration.

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