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Giorgio Kienerk, pittore postmacchiaiolo

Giorgio Kienerk Museum

The works were donated by the family to the city of Fauglia

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The museum is located in the 19th century building that used to house the prefecture of Fauglia which also held the prison cells. It was created to conserve the works of the post-Impressionist artist Giorgio Kienerk, and guarantee the public's access to these masterpieces. Born in Florence in 1869, the painter passed a great deal of time at Fauglia where he owned a country house, and where he died in 1948.

Opening hours:

Tuesday and Thursdays: 10am-12:30pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 10am-12:30pm and 3pm-6pm (winter), 4pm-7pm (summer)

Accessible to wheelchair users.

via Chiostra I, 13
Ph: +39 050 657311 (9am-1pm)
Email: s.quaglierini@comune.fauglia.it 

An ancient village on the Pisan Hills that is rich in history and tradition
Fauglia is an ancient village on the Pisan Hills and is rich in history and tradition. The town extends on one of these hills, with the characteristic single road that crosses it, along which buildings, palazzos and squares stand. The territory is mainly hilly, though there are some plain lands such as the areas around the districts of Valtriano and Acciaiolo. ...
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