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Church of San Lorenzo in Fauglia

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Cited as early as 1251, the Neoclassical-style church crumbled during the earthquake of 1846 and was immediately rebuilt

The Church of San Lorenzo a Fauglia was built in the Neoclassical style. Although it was first cited in 1251, an earthquake caused the building to crumble in 1846. It was immediately rebuilt, resulting in the structure one sees today. Its simple facade is characterized by three flat arches, each framing a doorway.

Upon entering the church, visitors encounter three naves, each containing unique works of art dating back to the 18th century. In the nave on the right, on the main altar a beautiful terracotta relief depicts the venerated image of the Madonna del Soccorso. A crucifix altar rendered in a polychrome marble decorates the opposite side. A product of the Pisan school, the Madonna of the Rosary is the focal point of the Rosary Chapel. Additionally, an 18th-century painting depicting San Lorenzo adorns the first bay of the left nave, and is attributed to the Pisan artist Luigi Secchi.

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