Fonteverde spa
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Fonteverde springs

Hot springs in the hills of Siena

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A state-of-the-art "spa" that combines nature and research, manual skill and discipline in a Medicean residence transformed into an exclusive resort, where the art of receiving in Italian style triumphs.

The Tuscan countryside has been well-known for its hot springs since Etruscan and the Roman times. Created on a Medicean portico which was constructed in 1607 by the Grand Duke Ferdinand de’ Medici, Fonteverde overlooks green hills of the Val D’Orcia, immersed in an atmosphere of times gone by. The refined colours and exclusive ambience win you over from the start. The thermal waters of the Fonteverde springs contain sulphates, calcium, fluoride and magnesium, and they flow to the surface at a temperature of 42° C.

The restaurant “Ferdinando I”, located under the portico, offers an enchanting view of the valley, but harmony is also found in good food. The traditional cooking of this part of Tuscany provides infinite temptations, with natural ingredients and creativity for those with regular and special diets. 

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The origins date back to the Etruscan-Roman period
The first inhabited area originated with the arrival of the Etruscans. Legend attributes the foundation of the first thermal “baths”, that were definitely present in the Roman era with the name of “Fonti Clusinii”, to the sovereign of Chiusi, Porsenna. ...