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Ethnographic Museum of the Forest in Origia

Discover the ancient links between man and the forest

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Strada Provinciale 73 Bis, 1, 53018 Sovicille SI, Italia

The Ethnographic Museum of the Forest and Sharecropping in Origia, in the municipality of Sovicille, conserves a collection of artefacts highlighting the ancient link between man and the forest, through the study of different trades which were practiced in the past: coal merchant, woodcutter and production activities, like the one related to producing chestnuts

The museum, housed in an agricultural hut, has a section dedicated to the forest, one to the area and one to the human settlements, with a collection of historical images, ancient work tools and oral testimonies.

The museum also offers a network of fully-equipped trails, which branch off towards the hills of the Upper Val di Merse, giving visitors the chance to retrace the tracks of the historic peasant presence and the ancient professions linked to the forest.

Info: museisenesi.org

Amidst the Sienese hills sits a cluster of villages, parish churches and castles where time seems to stand still
The territory of Sovicille, crossed by a hill chain that culminates in the Montagnola, is largely covered by forests and has conserved its native beauty. To the south, where the Merse River flows, a nature reserve protects the rich and varied land and water fauna. ...