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Church of San Giovanni Battista in Campagnatico

Places of worship

TThe parish church stands on the remains of the ancient defensive fortress, whose tower was converted into a bell tower

The Church of San Giovanni Battista is located at the highest point of Campagnatico's urban center, on the ruins of the ancient defensive fortress whose tower was used as a bell tower.

The building dates to the 13th century: the Romanesque style has some facets that bring it closer to Gothic, with Pisan influences.

The façade is topped with a pointed arch, rose window and pediment with blind arches. Inside, there’s just a single nave, with a raised presbytery, trussed ceiling and chapels surrounded by wide Gothic arches.

Amongst the important artworks conserved here, it’s worth noting the 13th-century painting by Guido di Graziano of the Madonna and Child, influenced by Duccio Buoninsegna’s style. There are also a wooden ciborium with painted windows, dating to the 1500s, and some frescoes by Cristoforo di Bindoccio depicting episodes from the Life of the Virgin. These latter originated from the parish church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, also in Campagnatico, and date back to the late 14th century.