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Civitella Paganico
Places of worship

Church of St. Michael Archangel in Civitella Paganico

A jewel of fourteenth century architecture

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Civitella Paganico
The Church of St. Michael Archangel looks onto the main square of Paganico. It was built between 1297 and 1345. The building, which has a rectangular layout with the choir and bell tower, has been restored several times over the course of the centuries. It hosts a large number of very valuable paintings: along the walls and the ceiling of the choir, you can see a series of frescoes, dating back to 1368. The work of Biagio di Goro Grezzo of Siena, these frescoes depict stories about St. Michael Archangel, the Annunciation and the Nativity. Their style is reminiscent of the great Sienese painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Frescos depicting allegories from the afterlife, the four Evangelists and a series of saints are also of interest.

On the main altar, you’ll find the 15th century altarpiece by Guidoccio Cozzarelli depicting a Madonna on the Throne and Saints. Also worth noting is a large wooden tabernacle, decorated with elegant images of sacred figures. This was created by the Sienese artist Bartolomeo Neroni, who was very active in this area in the middle of the 1400s. The church also holds other works of art, like the polychrome 15th century wooden Crucifix. It has been recently restored and is very much venerated by the community.
Civitella Paganico
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