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Quarrata - frazione di Tizzana

Church of Saint Phillip & James in Quarrata

Liturgical objects from the Ferruccia church

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The Ferruccia church, mentioned as early as the 14th century, was erected in 1648. Its current form is from the 18th and 19th century, but also houses works from previous periods, including altarpieces from the 17th century.

The collection was opened, as a section of the museum of the diocese of Pistoia, in order to protect the ancient liturgical objects no longer used after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council and preserved in the Ferruccia church. It is a testament to the popular devotion and religiousness of a country church. The collection seeks to highlight the use of various liturgical objects through the use of educational panels.

Among the liturgical fabrics are an embroidered velvet sheath from the Florentine School from the 17th century and a woman's dress from the 18th century with shoes (likely a wedding dress) which was used to dress a statue of the Madonna. There is a gold cross from Pistoia from 1591.

Among the paintings preserved in the church are an altarpiece of the Assumption of the Virgin by Giovanni Martinelli from the mid-17th century.

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In the territory of Montalbano, surrounded by nature and splendid villas
The territory around Quarrata extends through the hills of Montalbano, a setting that the Medici family loved greatly and chose as their hunting grounds. Ferdinando II, in particular, was dedicated to creating the Barco Reale reserve in the 17th century, a wooded terrain enclosed by three kilometres of walls, crisscrossed by waterways and dotted with villas. ...