Casa Venturi

Casa Venturi

Discover the home and art of this famous sculptor

Via Martiri della Libertà, 7
The Casa Venturi Museum is housed in the home of the sculptor Venturino Venturi. The building itself was constructed by the artist in the 1960s. The museum contains Venturi’s works of art, archives, photo collection and multimedia and newspaper library.
The works of art are placed throughout the house, in particular in the loft studio which is just as it was when the artist lived here. All the furnishings and decorations in the house are original. Casa Venturi is also home to the Documentation Centre for Twentieth Century Italian Sculpture, which includes a library area and which often organises events.

The items in the Casa Venturi museum were all left by the sculptor himself. Visitors can access and request other materials.

The bronze sculpture known as I progenitori is particularly note-worthy. Other interesting pieces include the bronze called La Donna Seduta, the original cement carved portrait of the architect Giovanni Michelucci and the Venturino Loft (Atelier) with all the its works of art and tools on display.

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