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Places of worship

Carmine Church in Carrara

The façade contains a tympanum with a sculpture of the Madonna of the Rose

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Piazza Alberica, 6, 54033 Carrara MS, Italia

The Carmine Church in Carrara was built in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the interior conserves a priceless high altar dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel (in polychrome marble with a painting from the 16th century) and an altar dedicated to Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi, alsofrom the 16th century.

The church is located in front of the place where the historic Porta a Mare was situated, that is, where the start of via Santa Maria currently is. It was designed as a scenic background to the even older street that was very likely the oldest part of Carrara.

The façade vaunts a tympanum with a sculpture of the Madonna of the Rose, made in the early 1500s by the Spanish artist Bartolomeo Ordonez.

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Carrara has always been considered the city of marble, and for good reason. The identity of this centuries-old city—with strong ties to both the mountains and the nearby Ligurian Sea—has always had marble at its heart: the pristine stone has been extracted from area quarries since Roman times. When you hear or utter “Carrara,” marble and quarries are the immediate associations. ...