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Multimedia museum on Nasini painters


In Castel del Piano, an interactive path to discover one of the most important dynasties in Tuscany’s artistic scene

It is located on the ground floor of Palace Nerucci, in the historical center of Castel del Piano, and thanks to the technologies used, it allows visitors to immerse themselves in a vast collection of works.

It is the multimedia museum of Nasini family, a unique experience that celebrates the rich artistic heritage of one of the most important dynasties in the artistic scene of Tuscany: 7 artists over a century and a half of history, from the 1600s to the early 1700s. Their art left a permanent mark on Amiata: their works are widespread in the churches, palaces and chapels of mountain villages and have influenced generations of artists and art lovers.

Multimedia Museum Nasini
Multimedia Museum Nasini

The multimedia museum on Nasini painters use modern technologies to encourage visitors to enjoy an interactive experience. Through audiovisual installations, digital projections and descriptive panels, you can explore, while staying in one room, the entire artistic world of this family.

While on the ground floor of Palace Nerucci you can visit this space, on the first floor you can access other collections. The rooms are an authentic example of 16th-century architecture and host collections of different genres (painting and graphic design, sculptures, archaeological finds, personal and First World War archives) which over the years have become part of the heritage of the Community. These collections are managed by Imberciadori Association.

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