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The medieval atmospheres of a dreamy village

Nestled in the heart of Chianti, among rolling hills and dreamy views lies one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: this is Montefioralle, a small town just above Greve in Chianti. Among stone alleys, overlooked by characteristic houses that climb up through the village, you can discover a jewel of rare beauty and be captivated by splendid views.

The village can be reached by car, but it can also be reached on foot from the center of Greve in Chianti by walking through picturesque olive groves that will not make you regret taking this steep climb. An ancient spirit envelops Montefioralle - whose original name "Monteficalle", apparently derives from the fig trees that grew luxuriantly in the fields around the castle. And it was precisely in a circle around the Cassero that the entire medieval village developed, built on the basis of an elliptical plan that finds its natural conclusion in the still-existing circle of walls that culminates in some remains of towers, now used for private housing.

On one of the characteristic entrance doors can be seen the coat of arms of the Vespucci family, which had several properties here, indicating the house where the famous Florentine navigator Amerigo Vespucci, discoverer of the new world later named America in his honour, apparently lived.

In March, not to be missed is the Sagra delle Fritelle: in fact, on the occasion of St. Joseph's Day, a small kiosk is set up in the small square in front of the entrance to the historic center of the village where traditional rice fritters are fried in a giant pan. There is no shortage of events throughout the year dedicated to Chianti Classico, where you can taste wines from local producers accompanied by the traditional flavors of Toscan cuisine. These include in May the wine event I vini del Castello, which has been held since 2003. Around the inner circuit of the walls, Chianti Classico producers are hosted, along with artisans and a gastronomic point.


A fascinating place, rich with culture, nature and typical products.
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