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Volterra AD 1398


Tons of events, markets and shows evoke the magic of 1398 Volterra

In August, Volterra jumps back in time to the Middle Ages: all the figures we know and love from that era - daring knights, noblemen and ladies, monks, friars, craftsmen and merchants, and, of course, peasants, flag-bearers, archers, soldiers, jugglers, musicians and jesters - come together to cast a spell on festival goers as they bring back to life the many facets of Volterra in the Middle Ages, moving between the austere towers, the superb palaces and churches or between the simple houses of the village and the tents of the camps, under the bulk of the Medici Fortress.

A unique opportunity to relive, in one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany, the magical atmosphere the year of the Lord 1398.

For two days, the second and third Sunday of August, from sunrise to sunset, Volterra hosts shows, events, markets, workshops, music and jugglers. 



Associazione Culturale VOLTERRADUEMILA6
Volterra AD 1398
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