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Squid Festival in Capraia

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From the sea to the table, to the cry of "Let's go fish for squid!"

The Squid Festival is an annual event that cannot be missed on the island of Capraia that provides an opportunity to taste tasty, fresh squid (as the people of Capraia call the common squid) in an atmosphere of popular celebration.

The event consists of two different moments: the Squid Fishing Competition and the food and wine festival

The race starts in the afternoon of the first day and includes various categories of participants, with sail and motor boats, as well as fishing from land. The moment of departure of the nearly 100 boats cannot be missed, as well as the funny moment when the caught squid is weighed, before the big party involving everyone present.

The second day is dedicated to the actual festival and takes place at the port of Capraia. Hundreds of people disembark on the island to taste squid specialties at stands set up along the harbor: fried squid, rice with squid, squid with couscous, squid with herbs, squid with potatoes, lasagna with squid, crostoni all'arrabbiata with squid, arancini with squid and variations on the theme proposed each year by the best local chefs.

There are also many side events, such as hiking or boat tours around the island, drawing contests and music.

The festival is organized by the Pro Loco (the local organization for the promotion of tourism) together with all the restaurants on the island.



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