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La costa del monte Argentario

Discover the Costa d'Argento by bike

An itinerary for adults and children in southern Tuscany

An itinerary for beginners. There are no altitude difficulties, and the journey touches on two points of interest for the tourist: the WWF Oasis of Burano and the Tarrot Garden. The worst part of the course is the entry point to the S.S.1 Aurelia and the 200 meters that split off from the Ansedonia intersection. This short tract must be undertaken with maximum care, keeping precisely to the right, perhaps waiting for a moment when it’s free from cars, or rather walking through the adjacent fields.

Departure and arrival point
: Ansedonia
Difficulty: easy
Incline: 0 m
Type of road: asphalt
Length: 35.1 km

Departure is from the intersection near the Ansedonia train station. Ignore the signs for Ansedonia Mare and for the S.S. 1 and head straight towards Capalbio Scalo on the S.P. 68. You pedal along on level ground between the railroad and the coast through the countryside. After about 5 km you cross the crossroads on the left towards the Capalbio train station, following along the S.P. 68. After another 2.4 km you reach the entrance to the WWF Oasis of Burano (7.2), an ideal stop for naturalists and birdwatchers.

The journey continues without any difficulty running along the mirror-like lake basin of Burano and arriving at an intersection (13.8) where the road continues and veers left, passing under the railroad near Chiarone and the S.S. 1 Aurelia. Having passed under the railroad, bear left in the direction of Aurelia and Pescia Fiorentina, arriving at Chiarone Scalo. Passing through the small town center with its train station, near two large pine trees (14.7), turn right on the S.P. 75 towards Aurelia. After 3.5 km you pass under the S.S. 1 Aurelia (4 lanes) heading in the direction of Pescia Fiorentina.

At the next intersection (19.2), turn left onto the S.P. 93 "Pedemontana" towards Carige. Right in the vicinity of the crossroads, just after having entered the Pedemontana, the Tarrot Garden is visible on the right—without a doubt it merits a visit. The Pedemontana is winding and lined with lovely oak trees and passes through typically Maremma countryside with olive groves, vineyards, wheat fields and farm houses. Passing by Borgo Carige, at the next intersection (23.9), continue straight onto the S.P. 93, pedaling without difficulty in gentle descent for about km until the entrance (very dangerous) to the S.S. 1 Aurelia. Turn right here (or, due to the dangerous road, walk in the nearby fields) and after 250 meters turn right (34), following the signs for Ansedonia. Crossing the highway overpass, go under the railroad and return to the starting point (35.1).