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The panoramic view of the Alpe della Luna

By mountain bike from Sansepolcro to beech forests, to the pastures of transhumant herds

We start in Sansepolcro, the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, with its striking medieval and Renaissance center with a rectangular plan. We will travel up the Afra valley, a tributary of the Tiber and a place of an ancient Lombard settlement, then taking a cemented road that will allow us to reach the Germagnano Farm with its breeding of dairy donkeys. We then follow the large mule track that will give us beautiful views of the valley.

At this point we are along the northern route of the Franciscan Trail, entering the cool beech forests that surround the Alpe della Luna elevations until we reach the Valico road that leads to Viamaggio. The beech forests give way to pastures that still harbor bovine herds today as then, when it was reached through transhumance.

We descend towards Sansepolcro and shortly afterwards we leave the main road to take the road to the Castelnuovo estate which, just below the castle of the same name, becomes a mule track that is bumpy in some places. This will lead us to the vicinity of the large reservoir or Montedoglio Lake, a huge drinking water reservoir carved out on the Tiber valley between the towns of Sansepolcro, Anghiari, Caprese Michelangelo, and Pieve Santo Stefano, continuing southward and towards the valley we finally return to Sansepolcro.


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